Introduction to Helium Devices

Details on how to add devices to the Helium Network

The Helium Network was built to transfer device data. Here you will learn about the pieces that make up a Helium device and how you can quickly get started! Any device can communicate on the Helium network if it uses the LoRaWAN wireless protocol.

Adding New Devices

If you're ready to add your LoRaWAN devices to the Helium Network, head over the Console Quickstart.

We also have a growing list of sensors we've pre-certified and documented on the Helium Network for your convenience.

Prototyping a New Device

The easiest way to prototype a new connected device for the Helium Network is to use the LongFi Arduino library.

And we have complete LongFi Arduino Quickstart Guides that walks you through the simple setup and deployment process.

Migrating Devices to the Helium Network

Do you have devices deployed on another network like TTN, Senet, or MachineQ? Great. We have you covered. Head over to our Device Migration Guides.