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Console - Overview


The cost per fragment is $0.00001 USD (24 byte fragments) which is equivalent to 1 Data Credit (DC). During the Beta, the cost to send packets is 0 DC.

Helium Console is a device management tool hosted by Helium and allows developers to register, authenticate, and manage their devices to use on the Helium Network. In addition to device management, Console provides services to route device data to HTTP endpoints. In the future, we will support MQTT topics, and other popular cloud solutions like Google Cloud IoT, Microsoft Azure, and more.

Device Management includes:

  • Organization structure with projects and subproject, and user-level permissions
  • Device ID registration and seamless, secure onboarding and authentication
  • Data Credits (purchasing and payments) to Hotspots for utilizing the Helium Network

Note: In order for device packet data to route to the internet, you'll need to be within range of the Helium Network. To check if there is coverage in your area, view our coverage map.

If you do not see any hotspots in your area, we have a few options available. You can purchase a Hotspot by sending a request to developer@helium.com.

Alternatively, if you'd like to get your hands dirty, we have instructions on how to build your own Hotspot for LongFi packet forwarding using off the shelf components. Note that this Hotspot is designed to only forward packets, and not mine Helium tokens.

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Device Setup

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